TiE Pune Masterclass 2020 on November 6 and 7


Pune: Every entrepreneurial journey has ups and downs, excitement, uncertainties, and achievements. Your journey will not be any different, and you will have to look for advice, coaching and mentoring. Specific input, that you can apply on your business, will make a critical difference in your journey.

TiE Pune Masterclass exactly does this, it provides knowledge, expertise as well as its application that is unique to your entrepreneurial journey, and can be applied immediately!

Dedicated Tracks – for you to pick that’s specific to your business stage
Team Learning – up to three team members are welcome to attend
Expert Faculty – that have walked the path you are about to embark
Chapter Membership – for ongoing engagement and learning
Structured Networking – share and learn from peers

TiE Pune Masterclass is conducted by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. The masterclass is a two-day program structured as follows:

Nov 6
Track 1 – Validate & Strategize
For young (less than 2 years in existence) and small companies that need to validate the idea, understand and devise a strategy including a winning Go to Market Plan.
Track 2 – Scale
Customized for companies that are 5 Crore and above where the core idea has matured and the forward path is visible though the acceleration and scaling is still hazy.

Nov 7
* Sessions on Finance and Investment that are common to all.
* All day Design Clinic – Brainstorm with best design thinkers from Pune

In addition, several breakout sessions are being devised to cater to the requirements of all participants.

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