Parle-G joins Bajaj, decides not to advertise with news channel spreading hatred

Mumbai: The Mumbai Police has claimed to have busted a gang that manipulated the ‘Television Rating Point’ (TRP). Thereafter, the leading advertisers and media agencies exclaimed they are closely watching the channels. The advertisers warned channels of showing toxic content or mitigating hatred and would not advertise with them. One among is Parle’s G, it has decided that it will not advertise Parle- G Biscuits on TV in a statement.
Senior company official Krishnarao Buddha said that the company would not advertise on news channels broadcasting poisonous content in the society. He said, “We are exploring possibilities in which other advertisers come together and exercise restraint at their expense of advertising on news channels. So, that all news channels have a clear indication that they will have to change their content.”
Buddha further added, “Channels promoting aggression, violence, hatred and social harm are not the ones the company wants to spend money on because it is not its target consumer”.

Prior to Parle-G, industrialist and managing director of Bajaj Auto, Rajiv Bajaj had said that his company had blacklisted three news channels. He further pointed out, “A strong brand is the foundation on which you build a strong business. At the end of the day, a business also aims to make some contribution to society. Our brand is never associated with anything that we think is the source of poison in society.”
The decision of the company is being appreciated by netizens all over social media. One user said, “This is good for the country.” The other user wrote, ‘Excellent initiative.’ The third user said, ‘Very good, respect. More and more companies should follow this path. The fourth user said, “This may be just the beginning, hope more companies follow it and we will see a positive change.”

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