Tickling Robbery : Children circle, tickle and rob old man of Rs 50 thousand

Jodhpur: A shocking incident has come out from Jodhpur city of Rajasthan. Here, a gang of nomadic children surrounded the elderly on the way and stole Rs 50,000 from his pocket. The incident occurred in broad daylight when Dilip Kumar, a resident of Mohanpura Pulia, a salon operator, was going out of the Indian Overseas Bank after withdrawing money. On reaching the street behind the bank, a group of 7-8 children surrounded him and began to tickle.
By the time Dilip Kumar San could understand something, the children ran away with 50 thousand rupees from his pockets. During this, a chaiwala chased one of them and recovered a bundle of money from him. However, only 19 thousand rupees was in that bundle. The children ran away with the remaining 31 thousand rupees.
The victim has registered a case in this regard at Udaya Mandir police station. Police are searching for children with the help of CCTV footage. Police said that these days a group of nomadic people has come from outside. Probably their children roam in the surrounding areas and carry out such incidents. These children can take money out of your pocket on the pretext of asking for bread or money or can even take away a bag full of jewels and rupees.
Udaya Mandir Police Officer Rajesh Kumar Yadav said that the salon operator Dilip Kumar was going home after withdrawing money from the bank. A gang of children surrounded him in the street leading to the Arun Hotel Police Outpost behind the bank and started to tickle. One time the elder thought that the children were doing this as he denied to give money on begging, but a child took 50 thousand rupees from his pocket and other children also fled with him.
A tea shop owner nearby chased the children on a bike. Children escaped from Sojati Gate towards Ghasmandi Road. There the chaiwala caught a girl and recovered money from her. After returning he gave the bundle to Dilip Kumar. Pictures of children have been captured in nearby CCTV cameras.

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