Panchayat people assaulted three women, beaten naked for being witch

Garhwa: The three women from Narayanpur village, Garhwa were accused of  being witches and were beaten naked to death. However, police reached on time and with their interference all three women were saved. SDPO Bahaman Tutti said that two accused have been arrested by taking prompt action. Raids are being conducted to arrest the other accused. The case has been filed with Garhwa police station.

The two girls started pretending to be ghosts and accused three women of the village of being witches. The people of that community called a panchayat in the village regarding the matter. Everyone who reached the panchayat, their mobile was seized. People in the panchayat were not even allowed to return back to their home, fearing sticks and other traditional weapons.

According to sources, the drunken people dragged three women in the middle of the crowd on charges of being witches late in the evening. A young man was also brought there accusing him of being an exorcist. After this, people harassed women by stripping them. The women were ruthlessly beaten up for confessing that they are witches. During this time an attempt was also made to hurt the eye of an elderly woman. Another woman was beaten so hard that she was rushed to the Garhwa Sadar Hospital in a state of unconsciousness.

Garhwa Sub-Divisional Police Officer Bahaman Tutti said that he had received information that 300 people were beating up women in Narayanpur village by calling them a witch. Police forces were sent there. There were 70-80 people at the scene, which fled on seeing the police. Raids were started against the accused that carried out the incident at night. Two people have been arrested.

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