UP Government will provide financial assistance to 3 and half lakh teachers

Lucknow: Amid coronavirus pandemic, Yogi Government has churned out financial assistance to nearly three and a half lakh such teachers. The officials of the Department of Secondary Education are assessing the cost to implement the financial aid. The move comes in the wake of providing relief to the teachers of the financially challenged schools. There are more than three and a half lakh teachers working in 20,558 non-monetary schools in the state.

The operation of the session 2020-21 has not yet started in these schools. In order to give relief to the parents, the government has banned the removal of any student from these schools over the issue of non-payment of fees and denying them the online class.

Parents are not paying regular fees of 30 to 40% after this order. Due to this, in many places the school management has cut the salary of teachers by 50%. Hundreds of schools are not even being paid. On October 2 and 3, Deputy Chief Minister Dr. Dinesh Sharma held a meeting with CM Yogi Adityanath. The Director of the Secondary Education Department said that financial relief has been considered for the teachers. After the estimation of the total number of teachers, the amount of subsidy is collected, and the government will implement it. The department will soon submit its report to the CM. The final decision will be made after this

According to the media report, 600 private schools in Uttar Pradesh are struggling to pay salaries to their staff as parents are not paying the fee as claimed by the schools. Over 20,000 teachers and 6,000 employees in these private unaided budget schools have either not received the salary in half or in a staggered manner since March. On other hand, the school managements said they don’t have enough resources to pay teachers

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