New update in WhatsApp! Features of advanced search and new emojis introduced

New Delhi: WhatsApp messenger app has introduced new features for the user. All users have to do is update the app immediately to experience new features of WhatsApp. WhatsApp has added a new range of emoji with advanced search features. WhatsApp was testing these features in the beta version of its app for a long time. These features have now been rolled out in the stable app for all the users.

WhatsApp’s new advanced search

WhatsApp has released an update of the new Advance Search feature. With this search feature, users will be able to search files, photos, videos, documents on WhatsApp. With the new update of WhatsApp, options of photo, video, link, GIF, audio, document will open as you type in the search bar. Users will be able to choose what they want to search and anything can be searched easily. Users will no longer have to scroll long on WhatsApp, just go to the search box and type the name of the file and tap on its icon.

First of all, you have to update your WhatsApp from Google Play Store. WhatsApp’s new update in India has been first rolled out for WhatsApp Business account users. In such a situation, if you have not received the new feature update even after the Google Play Store update, then you may have to wait a bit long for the new update.

Apart from the advanced search feature, a lot of new emoji have also been included in WhatsApp’s icon pack. These new emoji include some new professions such as chefs, farmers, painters and many more. It contains a few symbols with wheelchairs, new skin tones, new clothes, new hairstyles and new colors have been used in them. WhatsApp is trying to pull in new users who are yet not using WhatsApp.

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