Pune : Police register case against parents for abandoning two month old baby in Khadki

Khadki: A couple who left their two-month-old baby near a Methodist church in Khadki was located by the Khadki police. Khadki police have registered a case against the baby’s parents for leaving their baby outside the church. However, police suspect that the husband and wife abandoned the baby to stay together after an argument.
According to police, Sonali Adagale, a resident found a two-month-old baby on the side of the road around 6.30 am on Tuesday while taking a morning walk near a Methodist church. The police were informed about the male baby being left. Thereafter police officials and social workers tried to trace the child’s parents through social media. While trying to get information on social media, social activist Nilesh Das came across a photo of the child on WhatsApp with the caption ‘Miss You’. When Das contacted the man, he learnt that the baby was his sister’s son and had died two days earlier. Das told the man that the baby was alive and had been admitted to Sassoon for treatment. He went to Sassoon to check on the baby. Das informed the police after the man gave the address of the victim’s parents. Police brought the baby’s parents to the police station. The parents initially denied the baby, but the baby’s uncle claimed that the boy belonged to a sister.
The baby’s father is an engineer and works for a private company. Police have filed a case against the baby’s parents. Police are investigating why the parents abandoned the baby. Sub-Inspector of Police Vaishali Sul is investigating the matter.
According to Rajendra Sahane Senior Inspector of Police, “the couple was continuously as the husband was suspicious of his wife and suspected that the baby was not his child. They were living apart as they were arguing, but after a few days they reconciled over abandoning the baby. The two of them left the baby near the church after being told that they would have to give up if they wanted to stay with me”.
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