Work From Home :  How to avoid backache, know ‘here’

Pune: The coronavirus pandemic is the most serious issue globally today. So far, more than 30 million people have been infected worldwide due to coronavirus infection. More than 10 lakh deaths have been reported so far. Lockdown was imposed in the country to prevent coronavirus infection which brought economic activities on halt. During this time, almost all companies advised their employees to work from home (WFH). Work from Home has posed lots of challenges not only to business activities but also the health of the individuals. Unlike offices, WFH doesn’t have work space with cushy chairs or stiff tables to work. People are complaining of back pain due to working in the same position for a long time.

A poor sitting position for a long time during working from home can damage the spinal cord. If this is combined with lack of physical movements of exercise, then the problem may appear to be critical in regards with the spine. Working late also puts a tremendous amount of pressure on the muscles of the back. This further can weaken physical health. However, there are ways which can help you escape frequent back ache.

·         During work from home, you should avoid bending over to avoid back ache. For good health of your spine bones, keeping your laptop on a table is considered the right thing to do.

·         Make a schedule to finish your work at fixed intervals. Take time short breaks after working for some time.

·         You can do some small exercises or a little walk during a short break. This makes the muscles healthy. Try to implicate back exercise, it will help you in the physical moment of the back.

·         Include protein-rich salads and fruits in your breakfast. It gives the body the necessary vitamins and can also prevent weight gain.

·         Sometimes there is pain in bones due to lack of vitamin D in the body. In such a situation, when we are not going out of the house in any way, then definitely go in the sunlight for some time and consume vitamin D in the body.

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