Pune : 77 year old man robbed in day light by 3 men at Karvenagar

Pune: A 77-year-old elderly man was looted by 3 men who called themselves to be from anti-corruption bureau on Karve nagar road. The man has filed the case on all the three unknown accused with Alankar Police Station. Currently, police are investigating the case.

The victim who filed the case is the resident of Karvenagar and came to visit his bungalow which was under renovation. While on his way back home around 12 pm in front of Madhu Sanchay temple, he was stopped by 2 men who pretended to be anti- corruption officers and told him our boss was standing there. Both accused also said, ‘don’t you know you should not wear so much of gold while walking on road’. The accused referring to the safety of the victim slapped another person just to make him believe they are real officers. The men in disguise asked the elderly man to remove his gold chain, hand ring and watch and keep it in the pocket.

The victim obeyed both the men. They pretended to keep the ring, chain and watch in a handkerchief but they did not do it, instead left the watch in the handkerchief and kept it in a plastic bag. After a while, when the victim saw the bag, he could not find his chain and ring. He realized he was duped and thereafter rushed to the police station and filed a complaint.

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