Donald Trump Returns To White House As Treatment For COVID19 Continues

Washington : Corona positive US President Donald Trump was discharged from the Walter Reed National Medical Center after being treated by doctors. The team of doctors found that President Trump was fully fit to go back home. In fact, Donald Trump was admitted to the military hospital on Friday after being found infected with the coronavirus on Thursday night. His wife Melania was also found infected with the Coronavirus.

President Donald Trump returned to the White House late Monday night after undergoing treatment at the Army Hospital for four days. 77-year-old Donald Trump looked healthy when he returned to White House. Donald Trump was seen climbing the stairs instead of using lift and he also greeted journalists. It is being told that Trump has not fully recovered from Corona, but his health has improved significantly, due to which he has been discharged from the hospital.

Before Trump was discharged from Walter Reed National Medical Center, he said in a tweet that he would soon return to the electoral campaign, fake news only shows the fake poll. Donald Trump said in his tweet, ‘I will leave Great Walter Reed Medical Center at 6.30 pm today. I feel good there is no need to be afraid of Corona and do not let it dominate your life. We have developed some great medicines and information during our rule.’

Donald Trump is the leader of the Republican Party and is trying his best to be elected president for the second time. Democratic Party leader Joe Biden is also in this race. Biden stands as the Vice President of the country. The US presidential election is scheduled on November 3. Trump has participated in his first presidential debate and the next debate will take place on 15 October.

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