Easy Tips To Make Your Hair Color Last Longer

Mumbai: Hair color is something that most people use nowadays. Earlier, hair used to be whitened with age, but due to poor lifestyle, health has been affected so much that now the hair of young children is also becoming white. Different brands of hair colors are available in the market. But no matter how much any brand claims that the hair color will last for a month after applying it, it is not so at all. In such a situation, applying hair color repeatedly is not possible every time. Here are some hair tips that will help your hair color last longer :

Do not use shampoos which have Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SMS)

Applying any shampoo on hair can weaken your hair color. If you are using hair color then do not buy those shampoos which use sodium lauryl sulfate at all. Shampoos with SMS create a lot of foam when washing hair. Foam shampoos contain very little natural oil. Due to which the hair color becomes weak on the hair. That’s why only SMS free shampoo is good for hair.

Allow hair to air dry

Always keep in mind that the hair should be allowed to air dry. Heat, styling, hair dryer should be used to a minimum for colored hair. They all cause hair damage.

Do not wash hair with hot water

Do not wash colored hair with warm water. This is because the use of warm water causes the hair cuticles to swell up. Due to this the color of hair color fades. Do not wash the hair with hot water at all.

Cover the hair while going out

Keep in mind that whenever you get out of the house, always keep the hair covered with a cloth. This is because the hair color used on the hair starts becoming dull in strong sunlight.

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