Donald Trump Taken To Army Hospital, Gets Experimental Treatment For Covid19

Washington : US President Donald Trump has been shifted to hospital for treatment of Covid-19 after being infected with the Coronavirus. Donald Trump has been flown to Walter Reed Army Hospital, where he will continue his work at the same time, and will get treatment for corona.

Pictures aired on local television channels on Friday showed Donald Trump walking on foot and accepting greetings from reporters wearing a mask, and flew by helicopter to the Walter Reed military hospital outside Washington.

Donald Trump said he thinks he is doing very well. He has released a short video message to his fans and thanked them for the support. Soon after reaching the hospital, he said that I want to thank all of you for this support. He himself informed that he is in Walter Reed Hospital.

On Friday, US President Donald Trump and his wife Melania Trump were confirmed to be infected with the Coronavirus. Trump, 74, tweeted that tonight, Melania and I were confirmed to be infected with the Coronavirus. We are immediately starting the process of isolation and treatment. We will face it together.

Trump’s doctor Sean Conley issued a statement saying that both the president and the first lady were still healthy. After this information, Prime Minister Narendra Modi wished President Donald Trump and his wife Melania to recover soon. All of Trump’s visits and meetings outside the White House have been canceled. He was last seen Thursday afternoon returning from New Jersey to the White House.

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