Emoji In Our Daily Conversations

It is always fun adding emoji in our daily digital conversations to our loved ones. An emoji can be used by anyone nowadays to express their feelings and emotions. It is one of the best ways of expressing emotion through digital conversation, making it more understandable in the emotional aspect. 


As the digital language starts to evolve from a simple emoticon to a small picture called emoji. Expressing oneself with your emotions online makes it more comfortable with the help of emoji. Adding a simple emoji might give it a touch of a friendly approach, suitable for a simple conversation with your friends and family. 


A simple “Heart Emoji” at the end of any sentence can let the other receiving end to feel special and loved. Emoji has been part of the daily digital conversations. Hence, the creation of different emojis to expand the digital language and express your emotion in a diverse range of options. But not all emoji are used for emotional aspects; some are used to distinguish a particular thing or describe a specific topic such as.

Book Emoji

A book emoji has nothing special meaning encrypted to it. It is just an ordinary  book that is usually used in various contexts related to reading and academics. Mostly on social media, when a  book emoji appears; It is traditionally used to enhance specific titles on youtube or other social media platforms related to books, reading, and academics.


Although there is no formal explanation of what a  book is defined as, it is a great addition to express oneself in the evolving digital language. There are also related emojis to the  book like books emoji, red book emoji, green book emoji, orange book emoji, and many more.

Alien Emoji

An alien emoji is usually used in digital communication to express that something or someone is strange, unusual, or out of place. Some people use the alien emoji to point out social-media posts concerning the search for extraterrestrial life. Others use it to describe a popular fiction of a book, movie, or a play.


The alien emoji has been an ongoing debate over the years over immigration in the United States. It is one way of describing illegal immigrants that want to cross the United States’ borders. Other individuals also used an alien emoji to identify themselves as immigrants or support a cause like an extraterrestrial believer group.

Cross Emoji

Cross or in Latin, the crux is an eminent symbol of the Christian faith. Many people recognize the cross as a religious symbol to the connection to the cathedrals, churches, and the lord almighty itself, especially for Christian people. Christians also use the cross symbol as one of the most well known religious signs nowadays. The sign of the cross is used as a prayer, a blessing, and a sacramental.


For non-religious people or non-Christians use the cross emoji for specifying health-related things like emergency medical care, a local pharmacy, and a hospital. Sometimes it is used to enhance specific titles for books or movies. It is one of the great additions to the digital language to express feelings through chat and texts.


The world is changing at a fast pace, and the digital language has also been changing. The addition of new emoji in the digital language is a must. The need to express oneself in a digital platform spiked, especially in today’s generation, where almost all communications are done online. 


The continued evolution of the digital language has changed the way people communicate. Emojis is a game-changer when expressing oneself on an emotional aspect of conversation in today’s digital world. 


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