World Alzheimer Day: know everything about it here!

Mumbai: World Alzheimer Day is celebrated on 21 September every year worldwide. This day is celebrated to create awareness about Alzheimer’s disease which is now have become more common among people. Many people have myths about it

Things like putting something somewhere else, forgetting something happened just a little while ago is assumed to be normal
People don’t pay quite an attention to it. The Alzheimer disease starts occurring after a particular age which unables people to remember things. Elderly people are more susceptible to this disease, but in today’s time, youth are also becoming vulnerable to it. Past few years have seen an increase in patients with this disease. One needs to understand why this disease occurs, symptoms, causes and many more aspects of it.

It is a brain related disease, in which a person gradually starts losing his memory. This disease occurs due to damage to brain tissue in certain age. The risk of the disease increases due to disturbances in the structure of proteins in the brain. In this disease, a person is unable to remember even the smallest thing and confuse the events of their memory. When this disease is reachers to its later stages, person does not remember the face of the other people, even forget his close one’s. No exact cure for this disease has been found so far.

What are the symptoms of Alzheimer’s?

• Sleeplessness at night
• Forget stuff
• Loss of eyesight
• Trouble with small things
• Not recognizing your family members
• Impact on the ability to remember, think and make decisions
• Living in depression

No exact treatment has been found for this disease yet, but by changing your lifestyle, this disease can be avoided to some extent. People do not pay attention to the initial symptoms of this disease, due to which the disease increases. Therefore, if a person shows symptoms of Alzheimer’s, then a doctor should be seen immediately.

To avoid this disease, exercise regularly and take nutritious diet. People should meet, so that there is no depression. Family and friends should keep in touch so that there is no problem in identifying their faces. If someone has already had this disease in your home, then you should pay attention to it in advance. Learning power should be strengthened, such as reading books, spending time with friends and family. One can also listen to favorite music to stay away from depression.

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