Mexico reiterates willingness to work with US against drug trafficking

Mexico City, Sep 21 (IANS) Mexican authorities have reiterated their wllingness to work closely with their US counterparts to combat drug trafficking and dismantle narcotic rings.”The government of Mexico reiterates its willingness to continue working closely and in coordination with the US authorities for the benefit of the safety and health of the inhabitants of both countries, based on the principles of shared responsibility, mutual trust, and respect for the sovereignty, jurisdiction and laws of both countries,” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement on Sunday.At the end of August 2019, the two governments created a High Level Security Group to serve “as a single channel to address common security priorities”, Xinhua news agency quoted the Ministry as saying.”The strength of the bilateral relationship and the mechanisms for dialogue and cooperation demonstrate the commitment of both governments to foster friendly relations that allow them to address their concerns, as well as find joint solutions to shared challenges,” it added.The statement comes days after US President Donald Trump’s administration complained that Mexico was not doing enough to contain the flow of illicit drugs into the America.Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has reformulated the country’s anti-drug trafficking strategy “with a comprehensive vision that addresses this phenomenon from the perspectives of security, public health, development, justice and well-being”, the Ministry said.Most drugs are smuggled across the border through the ports of entry, hidden among the legal crossings of millions of vehicles, cargo and travellers, according to law enforcement experts.In an interview to the El Paso Times newspaper last week, US Drug Enforcement Administration acting Administrator Timothy J. Shea said that Mexican drug cartels are stockpiling drugs and cash while waiting for the end of Covid-19 border restrictions that have tightened inspections and extended wait times.According to Shea, the pandemic has impacted the drug-trafficking business just like the legal economy with stay-at-home orders, closures and travel restrictions.”But we think in the future. Once those restrictions are lifted, you’re going to see a flood of drugs into the US,” he was quoted as saying.–IANSksk/

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