3-ft long monitor lizard, 5-ft long cobra rescued in Agra

Agra, Sep 21 (IANS) The Wildlife SOS team rescued a three-foot long monitor lizard, a five-foot long Indian Rock Python and a cobra from different locations in Agra on Monday.The monitor lizard was rescued from Moolchand Medicity in Artoni while the Indian Rock Python was rescued from Shivalik Public School in Bichpuri Road and cobra from Gyan Digital Graphics.Shubham Sharma, Billing Executive at Moolchand Medicity said, “It was quite an unusual sight for us to find the large reptile sitting on the fire safety system. We thank the Wildlife SOS for taking quick action.”Kartick Satyanarayan, Co-founder & CEO of Wildlife SOS, said, “We are glad that the hospital reported the incident to our team. It is reassuring to see people gaining a more sensitized approach towards the reptile population of the city. Monitor lizards are non-venomous but can bite or even use their strong claws in retaliation if threatened or provoked so it was very important to ensure the safety of both the animal and the onlookers.”The common Indian monitor lizard (Varanus bengalensis) or Bengal monitor Lizard is commonly found in the Indian subcontinent. It is listed under Schedule I of the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972.–IANSbk/rt

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