Actor Ranveer Shorey : Neither anyone is saint nor whole Bollywood is addicted to the Drugs

Mumbai: Drug angle in Sushant Singh Rajput’s death case has take Bollywood on storm. Bollywood is coming out an voicing their opinions. One among such is bollywood actor Ranveer Shorey, who said no one is a saint here but at the same time not whole Bollywood is addicted to the drugs.

Ranveer Shorey in an interview spoke primarily about drug addiction and nepotism in Bollywood. He said, ‘the NCB has the right to investigate and should be investigated’.

Referring to his work he said, I’m happy with my work. Bollywood usually don’t come out and openly speak has this might affect on their work. To get work you have to keep them happy. I am vocal because I did not make them happy. I never did something which make me crush my soul. I am happy in the work I get.

He also added, Not only in Bollywood, such parties are held, rave parties are part of all kind of industry such as powerful film, politics or any business party. However, the NCB has full right to investigation people in Bollywood.

On Kangana he said, Kangana says that 99 percent of the film industry is drug addict which is wrong. ‘I also do not agree that this is normal in Bollywood. If Kangana is talking at such a national level, then she must have seen, but according to me it is not so.

Ranveer Shorey without mentioning Jaya Bachchan names said I do not agree with phrase- ‘Jise thali mein khaya usi mein cheda kiya’. If something is wrong is wrong. The problems of Bollywood should be bought to light and talked vocally.

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