IPL players, staff will be seen in Bio-Bubble know ‘here’ what it is

New Delhi: The world’s most exciting T20 Indian Premier League(IPL) 2020 tournament will begin on Saturday, September 19. It will be played in UAE due to the outbreak of Coronavirus pandemic and not India. However, to be more cautious about coronavirus, a special bio-secure environment (bio-bubble) has been created for all the players, coaches, support staff and match officials of the team.

Eco Bubble or Bio Bubble used several times during the series conducted in England amidst of pandemic. So what is bio-bubble? How does it work? How can it protect everyone from the corona? Lastly why is no one allowed to go outside this bubble and what will happen if a player breaks the bio-bubble?

What is this eco or bio-bubble?

This is an man-made environment in which the people living in the outside world have no contact, the people kept in it are completely cut off from the outside world. All the players participating in the Indian Premier League 2020, coaching and support staff, match official, hotel staff are subjected to a corona test, after which everyone is allowed to enter the bio bubble.

Once you go in it, no one even the medical team doing the corona test is allowed to go outside. This circle consists of people who undergo corona test and are completely away from infection. The people living in this circle are cut off from the outside world.

How is the bio bubble made?

The process of teams coming to Dubai started from August 20 onwards. Every player, coach, support staff who came to participate in the IPL was subjected to Corona Test twice before leaving for Dubai. In Dubai, everyone was quarantined for seven days as per the rule. In this period, everyone was included in the bubble only after being tested negative three times.

Those included in the bubble are allowed to stay only on grounds and hotels. Only those who are inside the bubble can meet them. Fans will also not be allowed to meet friends and relatives during the tournament. A separate bubble has been prepared for the team members and the rest of the staff broadcasting the match. All the people in the bubble will not be allowed to go out till the tournament is over. Under special circumstances, those going out will have tone quarantine before returning to the bubble.

What will happen if the bio-bubble breaks?

The Bio-bubble breaker will be deemed guilty of breaking the IPL Code of Conduct and will be punished under it. If a player goes out of the bio-bubble, he will be banned from matches.

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