Who will win this 2020 IPL

When you are betting on the 2020 IPL, you should take into consideration the fact that is by far the most unpredictable tournament. With new budding talents coming into the mix of bright old and experienced cricketers, it might seem impossible to understand who will win this 2020 IPL. 

In the history of IPL, with 12 tournaments in the past, we will help you study the key facts, so you can guess the final answer. Let us find out who will win the title for 2020 season and can be helpful for you to betway.

Does spending maximum money equals success?

IPL can be called the highest expenditure tournament. The money spent during the bidding wars are in millions, and it often attracts equal fandom as the tournament itself. Every year the best players in each team earn more than $1 million. In extreme cases they even earn double the previous amount.

With money rushing everywhere, and bidders trying to buy the best players, you might think money can buy success too. IPL although synonymous to big spending does not always favour the most expensive squad.  

However, this does not mean that sponsors should cut down their expenditures. In 2008, Rajasthan Royals were successful in lifting the trophy with the least valuable squad. Having gathered all this information from the previous tournaments, we can easily exclude the defending champions Mumbai Indians. They are known to have compiled the most expensive team in 2020.

Which player deserves your money?

Some players who have good records and are experienced are gobbling up most of the budget for each team. Thus, it is important to have a clear idea on whom you should rest your hopes. 

A rule has been found that matches each year’s tournament, it is that the highest paid cricketer belongs to Indian nationality, and that team has been observed to win the title. The only exception to this was seen in 2009, when Deccan Chargers won the tournament with a highest paid overseas player, Australian all-rounder Andrew Symonds.

This rules out more teams like Kolkata Knight Riders, Rajasthan Royals and Sunrisers Hyderabad, each of whom have given the highest paid title to an overseas player in their team. 

Youth or experience which one holds more weight?

History has shown that no team has been observed to win the IPL, with an average age of above 30 years or when it is below 25 years. Thus, it is important to find the perfect combination of new bloods and experience in each team.

This rules out two more teams like Chennai Super Kings who own a team comprising of old players and Delhi Capitals who comprise of freshers.

Compiling all the above key facts, Royal Challengers Bangalore seems to stand out. The famous IPL under achievers, are the ones that have a chance of bagging the title with Virat Kohli leading them and being the fourth most expensive team. 

Mumbai Indians will be playing Chennai Super Kings in the opening match of IPL 2020 on 19 September.

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