Hurry If You’re Thinking Of Buying A TV, Prices Are Going To Increase From Next Month

Mumbai : Television prices may increase from October because the 5% import duty concession given on the open sale panel last year expires at the end of this month. The television industry is already under pressure as prices of fully manufactured panels (a key component in TV making) have risen by more than 50%.

According to a media report, it has been learned that the Ministry of Electronics and IT is in favor of increasing the import duty concession. The import duty concession has helped in increasing investment in TV manufacturing and as a result, the South Korean company Samsung will now start production in India by consolidating its production business from Vietnam. According to sources, however, the final decision will be taken by the Ministry of Finance, which is still in cold storage.

TV companies told that they have no other option but to increase the price. Because if the fee concession is not extended beyond 30 September, then it will bear the additional cost. These include brands such as LG, Panasonic, Thomson and Sansui, which say that TV prices will go up by about 4%, or for a 32-inch television, the minimum price will be increased to Rs 600 and for a 42-inch will increase to Rs 1200-1500 and will be higher for larger screens.

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