Tempo of oxygen cylinder hijacked and 12 oxygen cylinders stolen ahead of shortage

Pimpri: Twelve oxygen cylinders supplied to the hospital have been stolen in Chakan Mahalunge area.

The thieves have hijacked the tempo. The driver-owner of the tempo, Babulal Bisaji Chaudhary (52, resident of Mahalunge) has lodged a complaint with the police.

According to police, Chaudhary works to deliver oxygen to various hospitals manufactured by two or three companies in the Mahalunge area.

According to driver, after delivering cylinders he parked tempo outside with remaining 12 filled cylinders and 7 empty cylinders outside the house. The thieves stole the tempo between 2am and 8am on Thursday.

The public health department has given 20% of the production to companies in the MIDC area and 80% to hospitals. Currently, there is a shortage of oxygen in many places, which is why cylinder theft has taken place. Mahalunge Chakan police are investigating the incident.

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