People are falling ‘less sick’ from Coronavirus ‘this’ might be the reason?

New Delhi: The primary function fo face masks is to protect people from viruses and other polluted particles. People were advised to wear face masks in the corona pandemic.

However, it seems that the face mask is limiting the transfer of viruses from person to person due to which people are not falling sick and are immunized. Few academician have claimed this in an article- ‘The New England Journal of Medicine’.

According to a report by the British Telegraph, academicians say that the masks may have inadvertently been giving people the immunity. Although, this is just a theory which is not yet scientifically proven but it can be proved.

There are indications that depending on the amount of infectious dose that a person is initially infected with, it can be decided how much sick he might get. However, clinical studies have yet prove this theory.

A similar study was done on passengers aboard on a ship in Argentine. During this period, it was found passengers who wore N95 masks, the rate of infection without symptoms was 81 percent.

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