A policemen’s transfer farewell proved to be his last farewell, died in road accident

Beed: Mahesh Adhatrao (40), a police constable working at Neknur police station in Beed taluka, died in an accident on Saturday night.

On the way back to Beed, the vehicle (MH 23, AS 6004) fell off the bridge due to loss of control on the highway near Khazana Vihir. Adhatrao was rushed to the district hospital in critical condition but was pronounced dead by medical officials. Mahesh Adhatrao of Neknur Police Station was recently transferred to Gevrai.

A small ceremony was held on Saturday afternoon to bid farewell to the others who were transferred with him. At this time, Mahesh Adhatrao had expressed his gratitude.

The destiny of the Adhatrao had something different in mind. His transfer farewell became his farewell from

The policemen was known for its social responsibility. A few days ago, at the beginning of the monsoon season, an elderly couple’s hut collapsed in Limbaganesh, Beed. The hut was re-constructed by the Mahesh Adhatrao and his colleagues. He also bought new clothes for the couple at his own expense. The Beed police has expressed their grief.

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