Horrors of humankind: A french lady gang- raped in front of her Children in Pakistan

Lahore: The protest erupted in Pakistan among people after an incident of gang rape with a woman in front of her children. The victim is a resident of France who was driving car by herself.

According to reports, the oil ran out in the car, the woman called the police and was waiting for help. While waiting on highway around 1.30 pm, at least 2 people reached there and broke the car window and dragged the woman and her two children. The woman was raped several times in front of the children. The criminals also looted the woman’s jewelery, cash and bank cards.

The officer investigating the case has tried to hold the woman responsible for the incident. However, 15 people have been arrested in the case.

Pakistan Rape Protest

Omar Sheikh, the principal investigator and police officer of the case has blamed victim in whatever happened to her. He said that she should have kept complete information instead of traveling alone at night. No one in Pakistani society will allow his sister or daughter to travel alone in the nights, added further.

Sheikh also advised her to take the safe highway and kept enough fuel in the car during the journey.

People were enraged at the officer’s statement and said that this is another example of blaming the victim. There are many times in Pakistan when a woman who complains is told to be a criminal.

Human Rights Minister Sheerin Mazari said , ‘the police officer’s remarks are unacceptable. The incident of rape can never be justified. Activists working for women’s rights have demanded the resignation of police officer Omar Sheikh.

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