N. Srinivasan : Raina is like my son but cannot decide on the comeback


Abu Dhabi: ‘Suresh Raina is like a ‘son’ to Chennai Super Kings’, said owner N Srinivasan. However, he could not make a decision on the all-rounder’s return to the team. Srinivasan said, ‘any decision on Raina’s return to CSK would be managed by a team led by skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni’.

Raina had returned to India from Chennai Super Kings’ camp in Dubai after 13 cases of Covid-19 came to light last week. Among the corona positive players was Indian fast bowler Deepak Chahar. There was some controversy regarding the alleged violation of his ‘Bio Bubble’, but this player has categorically denied it.

The former chairman of the Indian Cricket Board was initially upset with Raina’s departure, but later softened a bit. Raina is believed to have spoken to Srinivasan and described him as a father figure, hinting that he might return to camp.

Srinivasan said, ‘I consider him like a son. The reason for the team’s success in the IPL is that the franchise has always distanced itself from cricket matters. India Cements has been running cricket since the 60s. I will always be like that’.

The former ICC chief said, “Please understand that it is not in my jurisdiction (whether Raina returns or not). We own the team, we own the franchise but we don’t own the players. The team is ours but not the players. I don’t own the players.

Srinivasan has clarified that the decision on Raina’s comeback depends on team management. Team management consists of captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni and chief executive officer KS Viswanathan. Further added, ‘I am not a cricket captain, I never told them (team management) who to feed, who to auction, never. We have the greatest captain of all time. So why should I interfere in cricket matters’?

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