How can you figure out whether your immunity is weak or not ? Know ‘here’

New Delhi: Coronavirus pandemic has attracted our attention towards the inbuilt immunity system in human body which was left unattended. If you have strong immune system then it can help your body fight virus, bacteria, harmful pathogens and other toxins substance. It helps us to protect yourself from cough, cold or any other viral disease. Due to coronavirus the importance of building a stronger immune system has come to light. Doctors and scientists have asked people to boost their immunity.

There are many contagious elements around us that causes allergies or harm our health. During breathing we intake air which can be polluted and have harmful elements. If still you do not get sick the reason behind it is that our immune system is strong.

People with weak immune power are tend to fall sick more often. The blood test indicates the immune power of body but before that body does it for you. Send alerts to you that you immune is weak.
The few signs which shows weak immunity are-

• Red patches the body.
• The temperature of body starts fluctuating now and then means weak immune. According to Red cross society physician Praveen Sinha for good immunity the body temperature should be 35 degree Celsius.
• Bacteria works at 33° Celsius, it can reject the virus ar 35 degree Celsius.
• If you have not got fever for long time it is doubtful.
• Deficiency of vitamin D
• If the blood test show deficiency of vitamin D it is harmful.

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