Book on Asraam Bapu Rape Case to be released in Septemeber

Pune: The book titled, ‘’Gunning for the Godman: The True Story Behind Asaram Bapu’s Conviction’  written by IPS Ajaypal Lamba’s book on Asaram Rape case will be released soon in the market.. The book has disclosed many things regarding the investigation of Asaram Bapu case. The books  also included the stories fabricated by the police to dodge the media and Asaram’s statement to the police in which he says that I made a mistake.


The book titled, ‘’Gunning for the Godman: The True Story Behind Asaram Bapu’s Conviction’ is based on 2013 Asram conviction, a case cracked by IAS Ajaypal Lamba. The book is co-authored by Arvind Mathur and published by Hopper Collins.


Here are some scoops from the book


  • Bapu’s first reaction- In the book. There is a conversation between bapu and police stated as-  ‘Baba why did you do this, he said, ‘I made a mistake’.


  • Police conversation- Book also mentioned the scene when police reached to arrest Bapu- ‘Bapu told you will get a call from up and you cannot arrest me, on that Subhash took his phone and switched it off’.


  • Effect on IPS’s Family- Asaram Bapu was arrested 7 years ago but IPS officer Ajaypal Lamba, who led the police team, arrested the rapist Asaram in August that year. According to a report in the Indian Express, Ajaypal Lamba says that he received threatening phone calls from Asaram’s supporters. Fearing these threats, his wife once stopped sending her daughter to school.


  • Investigation team- Ajaypal chose the best officers of his team ‘Tough Twenty’ to complete the arrest of Asaram. Many of these officers went undercover and joined Asaram’s supporters and from there continued to provide information to the police.


Many other officers studied the legal complexities, some engaged in inquiries, some helped crack the case through cyber skills.


  • Media coverage- Ajaypal Lamba, then DCP of Jodhpur West, says that he took full advantage of the media to arrest Asaram.


He said that in a press conference, he bluffed the media that a team had been sent to arrest Asaram. Then a friend of his who was watching this press conference told that Asaram had shown up at Bhopal airport. Lamba gave the same information to the media.


  • Threat to IPS life- In this book, Ajaypal Lamba writes that Asaram’s supporters once reached Dhani of his village Lambi. This village is in Neem police station sub division in Sikar district. Only 20 families live in this village. Asaram’s supporters surrounded the entire village. Things got worse that the police had to be called to remove them.


  • Convicted- In April 2018, the Jodhpur Special Court found Asaram guilty of raping a minor girl. The court sentenced Asaram to life imprisonment (till death) and a fine of Rs 1 lakh under the POCSO Act..


Parts of this book will be virtually released on September 5. The Indian Express writes that reading this book feels like an OTT thriller.


I will respond after reading the book ‘

Asaram’s lawyer Pradeep Chaudhary says that he has not read the book, only after reading the book will he be able to tell what is right, what is wrong, our appeal is pending in the High Court and its hearing is on September 14.

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