Mann Ki Baat:  PM said, ‘Lets the game begin’


New Delhi: PM Narendra Modi spoke to the nation on the last Sunday of August  in his regular Mann Ki Baat session. During this time, the Prime Minister asked the country to become self-reliant and made an appeal to the youth to contribute to it. Modi called for young entrepreneurs to make computer games about India under the ‘Make in India’ project. Referring to it he said, ‘Let’s start the games’. He added, ‘The global toy industry is more than seven lakh crore rupees but India’s share in it is very less, we need work towards it’.


The Prime Minister also talked on health issues, referring to diet and its nutrients. He said, ‘India is a huge country with diversity in cuisines and food. There are six different seasons in our country, different things are produced in different regions according to the weather there. Therefore, it is very important to make a suitable diet plan considering the local food produced in the region as per the seasons’.


10 things from Mann Ki Baat of Prime Minister Narendra Modi-


Prime Minister Narendra Modi highlighted that we have seen simplicity in celebrating festivals due to unprecedented restraint during pandemic. He appreciated the farmers for increasing the area for farming of various grains. He also appreciated the way ganeshotsav has been celebrated this time in India keeping in mind the pandemic criss as well as environmental.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi mentioned, ‘the global toy industry is more than seven lakh crore rupees but India’s share in it is very less, we have to work towards increasing it’.


Referring to youth entrepreneurs, modi has asked them to come forward and develop games which have aesthetics of local toys under his ‘Atmanirbhar’ campaign. He quoted, ‘let’s begin the game’.

Referring to the deep connection between the festival and the environment, the Prime Minister mentioned the Barna festival, celebrated by the Tharu tribal West Champaran, Bihar, to protect mother nature.


Modi wished happiness to the people on the famous Onam festival of Kerala. He said that Onam has reached far and wide abroad, be it America, Europe, or Gulf countries, Onam’s ecstasy is found everywhere.


The PM has acknowledged that Indian Citizens have shown how disciplined and responsible they are. Amid coronavirus they are doing their daily jobs and taking care of their loved ones.


The Prime Minister said that this time sowing of paddy is about 10 percent, pulses about 5 percent, coarse cereals about 3 percent, oilseeds about 13 percent and cotton about 3 percent more. ‘ I congratulate the farmers of the country. I salute their hard work. Generally it is a time of celebration and fairs are held in various places and religious prayers are done. Our farmers have proved their strength even in this difficult situation in Corona. The kharif crops are sown 7% more than last year’.

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