China has boasted its military operations in the South China Sea


Beijing:  Amid rising tensions with the United States, Beijing has boasted of its military operations in the South China Sea. Tensions have deepened since the Chinese military launched two sets of military exercises off the country’s east coast. ‘This is a necessary step to include Taiwan in China’, Shanghai-based military expert Ni Lexiang was quoted by the South China Morning Post. He said the purpose of the drills in the seas was to protect the Chinese army in a wartime attack.


Without naming the United States or Taiwan, Ni said, ‘the Chinese naval exercise was necessary for a strong enemy and a weak enemy’. Dio Deming, an associate professor at Renmin University’s National Academy of Development and Strategy, described the exercise as routine. He told China Central Television that the exercise was aimed at boosting the confidence of the Chinese people. Such exercises are done to intimidate the enemy. It is not aimed at any particular country or nation, it is all about warning enemy countries.


Meanwhile, US Secretary of Defense Mark Osho and Japanese Defense Minister Taro Kono met on Saturday to discuss a number of issues. The two leaders talked about their commitment to maintain stability in the South China Sea. On this occasion, US Secretary of State Mark and Taro exchanged views on the Indo-Pacific region. The US Secretary of State also expressed serious concern over China’s national security law. It also condemned China’s destructive move on Taiwan.


China fired two anti-aircraft missiles in the South China Sea after a US spy plane allegedly crashed into a no-fly airspace. It is believed that these missiles from China were issued as a warning to the US. The U.S. military claimed military exercise in the South China Sea was conducted illegally for maritime. China has made this effort with the intention of harming its Southeast Asian neighbors.

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