Majority Of UN Security Council Members Opposed US Push For Iran Sanctions

Beijing: Recently, the US was planning to impose news sanctions on Iran. On this, 3 countries Britain, Germany and France issued a joint statement rejecting the US plan to re-impose sanctions on Iran. Referring to it, the Global Times, a newspaper affiliated with the Communist Party of China, has said, ‘ Britain, Germany and France have slapped the United States in the face and that is what it deserves’.

According to the media reports, ‘after 2003, this is the first time in which the European allies have said no to the US. Due to this America has been left alone on the matter of Iran’.

The United States had proposed to the United Nations to re-impose sanctions on Iran as UN sanctions on Iran are expiring on October 18. However, no country is supporting US except Dominica

In 2018, America separated herself from the nuclear deal with Iran. China says,’ as per this US has no right to impose sanctions on Iran but it is working like a gangster, The decision was made by President Donald Trump. This has posed a threat to European nations’s security as Iran is located close to Europe and has trade interests with Iran.

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