Whatsapp Chat Of Rhea & Mahesh Bhatt Viral, Mentioned ‘Breakup’ With Sushant

Mumbai : There has been a big development in the Sushant Singh Rajput case. On 8 June, when Rhea left Sushant’s house, she had a conversation with director Mahesh Bhatt. She spoke to Mahesh Bhatt in a message on relationship with Sushant. As soon as that chat became viral, such speculations are being made that Rhea herself broke a relationship with Sushant.

Till now it was being said that Rhea left Sushnat’s house on June 8 at the behest of Sushant. Rhea has even said in her statements that she was not happy to do so. At that time, Sushant’s sister Mitu Singh was coming to his house. But now Rhea Chakraborty’s WhatsApp chat has been leaked, saying that she had left Sushant. Not only this, Rhea was not happy with Sushant either.Rhea broke the relationship at the behest of Mahesh Bhatt?
After leaving Sushant’s house on June 8, Rhea messaged Mahesh Bhatt and wrote- “Ayesha has moved ahead sir, with a heavy heart and a peace. The last conversation with you opened my eyes. You are my angel . You were and still are.” At the same time, the reaction given by Mahesh Bhatt on this message of Rhea is surprising.

He replied to Rhea and wrote- “Now don’t look back. Give my love to my father. Now he will be very happy.” Now Mahesh Bhatt’s mention of Rhea’s father during the chat shows that the actress’ father was not happy with this relationship. He did not want to see Rhea with Sushant.

In the viral chat, Rhea is constantly thanking Mahesh Bhatt, she is telling him that he has helped her a lot. Rhea has written to Mahesh Bhatt in a message-

“You have liberated me again, you are like God in my life.” Whereas Mahesh Bhatt is also telling Rhea as his daughter. He is praising Rhea for showing so much courage.

Was Rhea’s lawyer misguided?
It has been told that Rhea had also talked with some of her friends in this regard. In such a situation, the CBI will now investigate this aspect of what happened on June 8 that Rhea left Sushant’s house. Well, at the moment, this chat of Rhea is telling another story, but for a long time everyone believed the words of Rhea’s lawyer. At that time it was told that Rhea herself was upset due to Sushant’s depression. She was not even ready to leave Sushant. But now Rhea’s conversation with Mahesh Bhatt is showing clearly that she was not happy with Sushant and they ended this relationship only on Mahesh Bhatt’s suggestion.

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