Teenager Gang Raped By 30 Men, All Unknown to Each Other

Tel Aviv : ‘Gang Rape’, when we think about it, it creates an image which gives us horrors. The same terrible scene has revealed a deadly picture of the crime. A horrific case of gangrape from Tel Aviv, an elite city of Israel has come to light. Men stood in a line, to rape a teenager, few have made video as well. The matter has reached the country’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He remarked that this crime is against humanity and has asked to arrest the accused soon. Police have arrested two accused so far.

The girl was drunk at the time she was gang raped. She narrated the whole situation to the police. The accused on police investigation accepted a large number of men who raped her. He also claimed everything happened with the woman’s consent. According to police, ‘The female was not in the hotel room, she came with her friends to a party, when she went to use the bathroom, few people took her to the hotel room and gang-raped her’.

The men barged in her room to give her medical help but instead raped her as she was unconscious. The most important thing is, the men who raped her were not familiar with each other. A suspect said, ‘The accused had lined up outside the girl’s room and raped her one after the other’. Investigators are awaiting the girl’s medical report.

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