India’s First Case Of Post-Mortem Of Dead Body Of Corona Infected Person Reported In AIIMS Bhopal

Bhopal:  After the death of a 58-year-old patient at AIIMS Bhopal, doctors sought permission from the family for post-mortem and it was done accordingly on Sunday, after the consent of the family of the deceased and go ahead given by ICMR.
This is the first case of post-mortem research in the country after the death of a corona-infected patient. Doctors say that only after the completion of these research will be able to share the complete information related to the research. This research is being done keeping many points in mind.
Although Corona infected patients are being found daily in Madhya Pradesh, but now Bhopal AIIMS has taken a new step.According to the scientists, the post mortem of the corona infected patient can be better understood by the effect of the corona virus. The effects of corona virus on body parts will be investigated.

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