Sheetal Maulik enjoys being bad on TV

Mumbai, Aug 13 (IANS) TV star Sheetal Maulik says she likes playing a negative characters on television, because such characters help move the story ahead.”As an actor, this is the first time I am portraying a negative character and I am enjoying it because it throws different challenges at me. The writers have shaped the character and given so much of depth to it, that I really love playing Kalyani on screen,” she said about her role in “Pyar Ki Luka Chuppi”.Sheetal feels that if you need the story to move ahead, you need a negative character in a show.”Without having one, a story would be incomplete. Everybody wants some ‘masala’ or a tinge of salt in daily soaps, so I think I am just providing that. Personally, I do feel bad about portraying a negative role but it is so much fun,” she said.”The character I play is sweet on face but plans evil things behind the back. So in that way I get to play a dual shade. As an actor, it gives you growth and also tests how far you can go and I think that is the best thing,” she added. “Pyar Ki Luka Chuppi” airs on Dangal channel.–IANSnn/vnc

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