PM Modi Announces Reform in Tax System, 3 Big Rights Given to Income Tax Payers

New Delhi : Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday launched a new special platform to encourage honest taxpayers and increase transparency in the tax system. The platform has been named ‘Transparent Taxation: Honoring the Honest’. On this occasion, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that this platform is the beginning of the 21st century tax system, which has major reforms like Faceless Assessment-Appeal and Taxpayers Charter.

Under this new tax platform, the taxpayer will get the facility of faceless assessment, tax payers charter, faceless appeal. Also, it will be easier to pay tax now, with the help of technology, people will be trusted.

PM Modi said that now there will be relief from transfer posting issues. At the same time, both the investigation and appeal of tax related cases will be faceless. Now the Income Tax Department will have to respect the taxpayer. The PM said that the country runs with the contribution of taxpayers and it gets a chance to progress.

The Prime Minister said that the number of tax retirees and their scrutiny used to be in 2012-13, is much less than before, because we have relied on taxpayers. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that out of 130 crore people today, only 1.5 crore people are paying taxes, this number is very less. Every person will have to ponder on this, only from this the country will move forward self-sufficient. The PM said that people should take a pledge to pay tax from August 15.

PM Modi said that some of these facilities have already been implemented, while the entire facility will start from 25 September. The Prime Minister said that in the last few times we have focused on these issues, this is the beginning of a new journey. Now honest will be respected, an honest taxpayer plays a role in nation building. New arrangements starting from today, new facilities carry forward Minimum Government – Maximum Governance. The PM said that this would reduce the interference of the government.

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