Sushant Started Chanting Mantras After Seeing Wired Painting in Europe, His Behavior Was Changed : Rhea Chakraborty

Mumbai : Sushant Singh Rajput case is currently revolving around Rhea Chakraborty. In this case, the shocking thing is now revealed, which is associated with Sushant and Rhea’s Europe Trip. Rhea has claimed that Sushant was acting strangely after seeing a painting in the hotel. He started crying and saying that he saw things related to the painting. Seeing this painting, he went into depression.

Rhea Chakraborty, her brothers Shouvik and Sushant went abroad in 2019. Rhea has told that during this holiday she came to know that Sushant is suffering from some mental illness.

It is being told that the hotel where Rhea, Sushant and Shouvik stayed, was quite old. In a painting on the walls there, Saturn was eating his child. Rhea noticed Sushant reciting some mantras. Rhea asked what happened then he said that he could see the characters of the painting. Rhea then explained it to him, but his health continued to deteriorate. He started remaining silent.

There were many changes in Sushant after he returned. He used to scream and cry. He needed medical help, but he was not satisfied with any doctor. So many doctors had to change.

Rhea said that on 8 June Sushant asked her to go back, so that he could recover. Rhea was also mentally affected during this time, so she was also in touch with the doctor.

The painting Rhea mentions was created by Spanish artist Francesco Goya. In this, a demon named Saturn is seen eating his own child.

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