Russia Received Order From India Including 20 Other Countires For Newly Developed Covid-19 Vaccine

New Delhi: As soon Russia announced it’s  first vaccine that works quite effectively for coronavirus, Moscow on Tuesday said it has received orders from 20 countries including India for one billion of doses of the vaccine. Known as ‘Sputnik V’, the vaccine forms a stable immunity against COVID-19.

Kirill Dmitriyev, who heads the Russian Direct Investment Fund that finances the vaccine project, said the Phase 3 trials of the vaccine would start on Wednesday and the industrial production is expected to begin from September. Giving further details about the vaccine production, he said that Russia along with other foreign countries is ready to manufacture 500 million doses of vaccine per year in five countries.

Issuing a statement, the Sputnik said that the countries that have shows interest in the vaccine include Saudi Arabia, UAE, Brazil, India and Philippines, among other countries.

The development comes after Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that his country has developed first vaccine that works quite effectively against COVID-19.

Putin said that one of his daughters took part in the experiment and she was vaccinated against the coronavirus.

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