Bangra Ghat Mahasetu Approach Road Broke Just Before Inauguration By Chief Minister Nitish Kumar

Patna : Another incident of bridge collapse at approach road has come up in Bihar. The approach road to the Mahasetu has been broken just before the inauguration by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. The approach road of Bangra Ghat Mahasetu in Chapra has been damaged. The cost of this bridge is Rs 509 crores and CM Nitish Kumar was going to inaugurate it today.

Top officials of Bihar State Bridge Construction Corporation are present on the incident spot. Hundreds of laborers have been employed. Efforts are being made to start this again by installing two GSBs. The approach Road which is broken, is near the Satjoda Bazar of Panapur in Saran. This area falls in Panapur in Chhapra.

According to the report, the cost of this bridge is 509 crores and CM was to inaugurate it today. It is being told that the approach road of Bangra Ghat Mahasetu was damaged due to the breakdown of Saran Dam in Baikunthpur. The bridge collapsed within a radius of 50 meters. After this incident, the administration has become alert and is engaged in an exercise to fix the bridge once again.

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