Baby Boy Bursts Into Tears When Asked To Pray For Reopening Of School

New Delhi: Netizens remembering their school days, after a video of a little boy crying at the thought of going back to school has left social media users in splits. The video shows a woman asking the boy, “Chalo ab hath uthao dua ke liye (Lift your hands up to pray).” After the child then lifts his hands up, the woman asks him to repeat after her. She says, “Ae allah, mai dua akrta hoon ki 15 tarik ko school khul jaaye (Oh Allah, I pray that the schools reopen on 15th.)”

The boy repeats the words after her, however, as soon as she speaks about the reopening of schools, he bursts into tears.

The video was shared by Former Finance Secretary Dr Arvind Mayaram on Twitter with the caption, “Ab kya karen!! (What should we do now!!)”

The video is doing rounds on social media. It has garnered more than 59,000 views and over 3,500 likes. Netizens were reminded of their school days after watching the video.

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