What Happened That Night Before Disha Salian’s Death, Her Close Friend Revealed the Inside Story

Mumbai : There are many questions arising on the death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput, but now the death of his ex-manager Disha Salian has also become a matter of controversy. Both cases are being seen together.

It is known that a few days before the death of Sushant, the news of Disha Salian’s death had come out. It was told that Disha jumped from the 14th floor of the building and died. But her close friend has given details on what exactly happened on the day of the incident.

A friend of Disha Salian has explained in detail about the day of the incident. His fiance Rohan, Himanshu and two college friends Neil and Deep were present at Disha’s house on the day of the incident. All were partying and drinking that night.

But after drinking, Disha became very emotional. She was repeatedly saying that nobody cares about anyone. Now this behavior of Disha for one time may raise questions, but the friends of Disha say that Disha used to do this often after drinking.

According to Disha’s friend, the party continued in the house but at 8 pm, Disha kept discussing with her another friend what to do after the lockdown.

After this, Disha spoke to her UK friend over the phone. Then she started crying, seeing that Himanshu got a little annoyed. He forbade Disha to cry because it was spoiling the mood of the party.

If we believe Disha’s friend, then she went to her room and closed the door. When Disha did not open the door for long, they broke the door. Disha was not inside the room. But when Himanshu and Deep looked down, they were surprised. They immediately ran down but it was late.

Recalling that moment, her friend said – Disha’s heartbeat was on. We picked her up and took her to hospital in Deep’s car, where she was declared dead.

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