Trump’s Twitter Campaign Account Blocked, Accused of Giving False Information About COVID-19

New York : In the US, the election campaign of both opponents Donald Trump and Joe Biden is running on Zero for the Presidential Elections. Meanwhile, a big news has come out that Twitter has blocked Donald Trump’s campaign account. Twitter has given the reason behind this because of the wrong information given by President Trump regarding COVID-19.

According to online media reports, it is being said that President Trump will have to remove his video in which he said that children are almost immune to COVID-19. Twitter says that until this video will not be removed, the account of the Trump campaign will remain blocked.

This is not the first time that Twitter has taken tough measures regarding the tweet of Donald Trump’s campaign account. Earlier, Twitter had also taken a tough stance on Trump’s tweets regarding a tweet made to black citizen George Floyd.

Votes will be cast in the US for the presidential election on November 3. But before that, if a look is put on the survey, Donald Trump is getting a very tough fight with Joe Biden. The CBS News Battleground Tracker Survey revealed on Sunday that Biden leads Trump with 44 percent in North Carolina (44 percent) and 46 percent in Georgia (45 percent).

After 1992, no Democrat president has won in Georgia since Bill Clinton and the only Democrat (Barack Obama 2008) has won the last 10 presidential elections in North Carolina. President Trump has especially lost the college’s white voters.

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