Bridal Wedding Shoot Captures A Moment When Blast Tore Through Beirut, Video Goes Viral

Beirut: With a death toll reaches to 135 so far and around 5,000 injured, Social Media is abuzz with terrifying visuals of the explosion of ammonium nitrate at Beirut port and the fear the incident caused.

One such video shows a bridal doing photoshoot which was interrupted by the massive explosion which tore through the Lebanese capital of Beirut last night. The video shows how the bride in her bridal wear is running around amid the chaos after the blast. The photographer Mahmoud Nakib pans his camera from the bride decked out in a white lace wedding dress to capture the surroundings. The sound of ambulance sirens and the shoveling of glass and rubble could be heard in the video.

The Lebanese government has declared a two-week state of emergency, effectively giving the military full powers during this time after a massive explosion devastated the capital. The government announced the measure during a Cabinet meeting Wednesday. It said it was putting an unspecified number of Beirut port officials under house arrest pending an investigation into how 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate came to be stored at the port for years.

In fact, flashes of what appear to be fireworks could be seen in the footage, following the first blast. Following the blasts, several locals also reported an orange cloud hanging over the city.

International aid flights began to arrive from different countries, as Lebanon’s leaders struggled to deal with the aftermath of Tuesday’s blast, crippled by an economic crisis and facing a public where many already blame chronic mismanagement and corruption among the ruling elite for the disaster.

Ammonium nitrate is a component of fertilizer that is potentially explosive. The 2,750-ton cargo had been stored at the port since it was confiscated from a ship in 2013, and on Tuesday it is believed to have detonated after a fire broke out nearby.

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