Alicia Keys, husband get romantic on their 10-year anniversary

Los Angeles, Aug 2 (IANS) Singer Alicia Keys and husband Swizz Beatz have been married for a decade but cannot stop gushing over each other.On Friday, Keys and Beatz celebrated their 10-year wedding anniversary and shared loving notes on Instagram, reports singer posted a photo of the couple leaning in for a kiss, calling Beatz her “love” and a “dream come true”.”You always make me smile. You make me laugh and think and grow and dream and reach and stretch and I am in awe of our love! 10 joiiiwwnnntttttttzzzzzzz!!!!!!,” she wrote.”It’s so fast bc it’s so much fun!” Keys said of her marriage.”And so true and real and genuine! I adore you!!!””Here’s to so much more of the greatness we create together!!! Deeply appreciating and loving every moment,” the singer concluded.Beatz replied saying: “Feels like 10 weeks Wow wow wowai, Let’s Keep going Queen Love you.”Beatz also shared a social media post, including some of his favourite photos of the couple.In the corner of each picture, Beatz added a sticker that reads “10 years” in honor of their milestone.”One full decade of love & life wow,” Beatz wrote.”Never raised our voice at each other in 10 years, wow. Thank you for everything my love, you’re truly everything my Love.”The hip-hop artiste continued: “I wish us 100 more yes plus inshallah. Happy 10yr anniversary Queen Dean #10yrsDean.”He included several pictures of the couple from their wedding to the two sipping wine and having a good time.–IANSnn/pgh

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