Sushant Singh Rajput Had Done All the Plannings For Coming Days, Revealed By His Sister

Mumbai : Shweta Singh Kirti, sister of Sushant Singh Rajput, has shared the white board on which Sushant has written about his plans to do workout, meditation etc. after June 29. Now in such a situation, the question mark has once again arose that how can the person who was planning for the future commit suicide!. The postmortem report, however, stated that he had committed suicide.

Shweta posted a picture of the white board on Friday, writing – Bhai’s white board where he was planning to start his workout and transcendental meditation daily from 29 June. So he was planning ahead.

The planning of SSR written on this white board is as follows –

-Getting up early, fixing the bed.
– Watch movies and series of content.
– Learn guitar
– Workout and Transcendental Meditation
– Keep your surroundings clean.
– Learning, practicing and repeating.
– You can do things that you have never thought of.
-What you think is what you do & what you do is what you are.

People responded positively to this post of Shweta Singh Kirti. At the same time, Shweta has done another post. In this post, Shweta has demanded justice for Sushant. Shweta wrote on Instagram – “Your branches may twist and turn as you flex towards the light, yet your unwavering intentions will ensure that no faint wind will sway you from your mission”.

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