2 Planes Collide Over Alaska, 7 Dead, Including US State Lawmaker

New York: The news of 7 people killed in a 2-plane collision on Friday in Alaska is coming out. According to reports, an US politician has also died in this accident. It is being told that the State Representative, Gary Knope, who was killed in the accident, was flying the plane himself at the time of the accident. He was a member of President Donald Trump’s Republican Party. There were some tourists aboard the second plane. According to reports, all the people aboard both the planes lost their lives in this accident.

Officials said the collision occurred between the one-engine aircraft Havilland DHC-2 Beaver and Piper-PA12 at around 08:30 am on Friday morning. Republican leader Gary Knope was a member of the House of Representatives in Alaska. He was flying the Piper-PA12 plane and boarded the plane alone. At the same time, the second plane had 4 tourists from South Carolina, a guide from Kansas and a pilot. Among those killed in the crash were Gregory Bell (67), pilot David Rodgers (40) and tourists Saleb Halsey (26), Heather Halsey (25), McKay Halsey (24) and Kristin, the pilot of Soldona, in addition to Gary Knop (67) Wright (23) is included.

Officials said 6 out of 7 people died on the spot, while one died on the way to the hospital. The collision between the two planes was so severe that their debris spread on the highway, due to which it had to be closed for some time. Officials said that the weather in this part of Alaska was good enough to fly the aircraft, so no clear reason for the accident has yet been known. He said that the cause of this horrific accident is being ascertained and the matter is being investigated.

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