This Poor Husband Was Starved As His Wife Wanted Him to Look Slim & Increase Followers on App

Bhopal : A very surprising case has come up in Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh. Here, a husband has accused his wife that she makes videos by doing strange acts to increase her followers on the app.

The husband alleges that since marriage, the wife was fond of making TikTok videos. Initially, the husband had no refrain from making Tiktok videos, nor was there any complaint, but later the wife started asking him to do dieting and sometimes to do strange things.

The husband complains that the wife used to starve him several times a day to appear slim in the video and quarreled when asked questions. This couple has already been consulted about this, but now once again the wife is getting her husband to do strange things in order to increase followers in a new app.

The husband complains that his wife sometimes asks her to do weird makeup, sometimes she asks to shoot a sequence on a film song or asks to do a strange dance. While seeing this video on social media many times, his office staff, relatives and friends make fun of him, but the wife is not ready to understand it.

Family Court Counselor Shail Awasthi said, ‘The husband does not want to leave his wife but is extremely upset with her peculiar demand. Earlier, this couple came to me for counseling in January 2020 and after that the husband was relieved for a few days due to the closure of the TikTok app.’

Pressure to increase followers
Shail Awasthi said, ‘Now in a new app’ Chingari ‘, the wife pressurizes her husband to shoot the video as per her request, which she can increase her followers by putting it on the’ Chingari ‘app. Not only this, the wife has also threatened her husband many times that if he does not keep himself slim, she will make new friends and shoot videos with them. I have also explained to the wife that she should stop her irrational demand and also give importance to the husband’s words. Right now the counseling of both is going on.’

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