Oxford Vaccine Did Wonders On Monkeys, Stopped the Virus From Becoming Deadly

Mumbai : The coronavirus continues to wreak havoc all over the world and the drive for its vaccine is intense everywhere. Meanwhile, the good news is that the Oxford vaccine has shown positive results. Oxford University vaccine trials on monkeys have been successful. After vaccination, the monkeys developed immunity and the virus’s effect was also reduced.

This information was given in the study published in the medical journal Nature. Researchers at the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and Oxford found that the vaccine was successful in protecting the monkeys from lethal pneumonia caused by COVID-19.

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Actually, after infection of corona, lungs become inflamed and they are filled with a type of fluid. After this success, Oxford started trials on humans, whose initial results have also been successful.

Oxford’s Vaccine Chadox Ncov is made from a weakened virus found in 19 chimpanzees, which causes common cold and flu. Researchers said the vaccine was given 28 days before six monkeys were exposed to corona infection. This prevented lung damage and reduced the amount of virus. Later these monkeys were also given booster doses, which increased resistance.

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The researchers said the study indicated that even though the vaccine would not prevent infection or its spread, it would not allow the disease to become fatal. After this test, Oxford recruited eight thousand volunteers for testing on humans in July.

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