Andhra Pradesh Deputy CM Says Family Can Perfom Last Rites of Covid-19 Victim

Hyderabad: Deputy Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh and Minister of Health Alla Kali Krishna Srinivas (Nani) said that families of deceased Covid-19 patients can perform last rites of the victim after a few hours of death.
Andhra Health minister Alla Nani on Wednesday claimed that there will be “no virus” in the bodies of Covid-19 patients after few hours of deaths. “There will be no virus in the bodies after a few hours of death and the family members or relatives can perform the last rites. The government will perform the last rites of the deceased if nobody comes forward and Rs 15,000 will be given for last rites,” Alla Nani said.

The guidelines, however, announced by the Centre on handling the bodies of Covid-19 patients who died due to the infection does not say if the virus dies after few hours of the patient’s death.
Andhra Deputy CM Alla Nani made the statement on Wednesday following his visit to East Godavari district after sharp increase in Covid-19 cases. During his visit, he went to Rajahmundry GGH and reviewed the coronavirus situation with doctors and district officials. Later speaking to the media, Alla Nani announced the addition of three more Covid hospitals to the existing six in the district along with increased bed strength and doctors.

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