Lesbian Women Are Ahead Of Straight Women in Getting An Orgasm, Learn Some Useful Tips

Mumbai : When we talk about couples, we usually think of a man & a woman. But parallel to this, there is another world which is a part of society, but some people shy away from accepting them.

When two girls choose each other as partners, they are called lesbian couples. Apart from abroad, many lesbian couples in India are also getting married and living a normal life.

A recent study has revealed that lesbian women are ahead of women whose partners are men in terms of getting orgasm while having sex.

What does this study say
6500 men and women between the ages of 21 and 65 were included in this study. According to researchers at Indiana University in the United States, on average, 85 percent of men achieve a climax when they form a physical relationship with a partner they know. At the same time, it is 63 percent among women. Talking about lesbian women, 75 percent of the partners get orgasm during sex. Women in a straight relationship achieve 62 percent, while 58 percent of bisexual women achieve a climax.

Why is the percentage of orgasm higher in lesbian women?
A very big argument is being given that lesbian women are well aware of the parts of the body that make women excited. This is the reason why they are more successful in getting their female partner to have orgasm.

These tips can work in your relationship
It is not necessary to have your wish fulfilled at all times. Sometimes you have to take care of your partner’s happiness. This strengthens the relationship. When building an intimate relationship, you should also give importance to your partner’s will.

Whether you are a lesbian partner or a straight, you should respect each other’s culture and tradition. Help your partner in work. Hug them, hold their hand, all these feelings make relationships enjoyable.

If the partner is not happy in the relationship, talk to her and try to understand her problem. Never let your partner suffer from an inferiority complex.

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