Coronavirus : Guidelines For Sex & Masterbation Released in This Country

Mumbai : The whole world is currently troubled by the coronavirus epidemic infection. Every country is issuing guidelines to protect its citizens. From social distancing to lockdown and curfew. A person infected with the coronavirus can also spread the infection to those around them.

The economy has come to a complete standstill with life in many countries. The best way to prevent coronavirus is told to keep yourself at home and stay safe. In the midst of the Corona epidemic, there is a country which has issued guidelines related to sex and masterbation for the protection of the people of their country. Know what kind of instructions are given in it.

Ireland Issued Guidelines
Every country in its own way is trying to save their people from Corona. The graph of deaths from this deadly virus infection is increasing all over the world. Meanwhile, the Government of Ireland has issued guidelines related to sex and masterbation for its people so that they can achieve this happiness while remaining safe.

These things are mentioned in the guideline
It states that people should make physical relations only when they do not see the symptoms of coronavirus in their partner. Do not kiss anyone outsideras. Take care of cleanliness while making a physical relationship.

This option of safe sex given in the guidelines
The instructions issued in Ireland ask for a break from building a physical relationship. You can enjoy online or live sex instead. People have been asked to choose video dates, sexting and chat room options.

According to the guideline, if you clean your hands / sex toys thoroughly during your masterbation, then corona infection will not occur. Wash your hands with water and soap properly before and after masterbation.

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